Writing Winning Grant Proposals for a Regional Preventive Crime Gun Strategy

In 2017, over $700 billion dollars of grant money was awarded to various agencies and organizations through the various departments of the Federal Government. That doesn’t include grants from foundations or other private organizations.

Crime has a cost – both in what it costs society, but also in the dollars it takes to combat crime and bring the perpetrators to justice. One of the key areas law enforcement agencies and other justice-related organizations often seek funding for is for the equipment and resources to identify, track, and build cases around gun-related crime.

For many criminal justice personnel, writing grants can be as about exciting as getting a root canal…. But without the pain killers or Novocain.

However, writing grants doesn’t have to be painful or stressful. Not if you have a few basic skills and a plan.

During this free, sponsored workshop brought to the JCH community by Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology, you will learn:

  • How to find appropriate grants for your organization and its needs
  • Basic components of a grant and the mechanics of developing a winning proposal
  • Backtiming the grant writing process so you can ensure you meet all of the requirements commonly stated in grant notice
  • The best ways to gain support for your grant from key constituents and leaders

With an eye toward relevant and upcoming grants – such as Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC) Initiative and the Strategies for Policing Innovation (SPI) – this workshop is designed to help you understand the core processes for writing a successful grant, identify the key members of the grant writing team, and special considerations for your grant writing process.

It also includes practical resources for the beginning grant writer, such as funding sources, as well as helpful hints for seasoned veterans for addressing some of the most common sections of the grant proposal.

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