• 1 Lesson

    How Law Enforcement Can Navigate Dog Encounters Safely and Successfully

    Law Enforcement regarding animals involves two equally essential sets of personnel: Police and Animal Control. Each of these groups bring related, but different skill sets to the table. Yet one thing they both face? Dogs. Dogs that live in homes, reside on properties, run loose, live on chains, want snuggles and sometimes feel a need to bite. Understanding dog behavior, both best and worst, helps keep our Law Enforcement Officers safer and more able to adapt. This course sets a foundation of understanding reasons for perceived and real aggression in dogs. The workshop will help build strategies to avoid, reduce, and manage conflict and keep officers, the public, and animals as safe as possible by sharing the tools and techniques to use when things go awry.
  • 2 Lessons

    The Trauma of Being a Responder

    Law Enforcement Officers and other First Responders experience a lot of trauma on the job. From difficult-to-look-at crime scenes, car accidents, etc., to interacting with…
  • 1 Lesson

    Writing Winning Grant Proposals for a Regional Preventive Crime Gun Strategy

    In 2017, over $700 billion dollars of grant money was awarded to various agencies and organizations through the various departments of the Federal Government. That…